Our equipment:


Mass spectrometer AB 4800+ MALDI TOF/TOF (Applied Biosystems)

Mass spectrometer API 2000 LC MS/MS (Applied Biosystems)

Spectrometer CD J-715 (Jasco) with automatic titrator Peltier accesory PFD-350S

Spectrofluorimeter Fluorolog 3

Spectrofluorimeter FP-750 (Jasco)

Spectrophotometer Cary 300 (Varian)

Spectrophotometer HP 8452A and 8453 (Hewlett-Packard)

Infinite M1000 Pro (Tecan)

Molecular Devices: Spectra Max 340 (Vis)S

Molecular Devices: Spectra Max Gemini XS (FL)

Nanodrop 2000


DSC calorimeter 5200 Nano (CSC)

DSC calorimeter 4100 DSC (CSC)

ITC calorimeter Nano III (CSC)


FPLC Acta Prime (Pharmacia)

FPLC Acta Explorer (Pharmacia)

HPLC Waters 484

HPLC Waters Breeze

HPLC Dionex Ultimate 3000


Biacore 3000

Octet K2 System (Pall ForteBio)

ChemiDoc MP Imaging System (Bio-Rad)

xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analyzer Dual Plate (ACEA Biosciences)

Muse Cell Analyzer (Merck Millipore)

Countess Automated Cell Counter (Life Technologies)


Crystal room equipment: stereomicroscope SZX12 (Olympus) with Canon D60 camera, cooling incubator (Rumed), storage and shipping dewars (Taylor-Wharton)

Fermentor and shakers

Two thermostated shakers (Infors HT)

Biostat C fermentor (B. Braun Biotech Ltd.)


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