Hunger Control 2.0, Glucomannan | 150 Capsules
Hunger Control 2.0, Glucomannan | 150 Capsules
Hunger Control 2.0, Glucomannan | 150 Capsules
Hunger Control 2.0, Glucomannan | 150 Capsules

Hunger Control 2.0, Glucomannan | 150 Capsules

Contains a natural fiber that stimulates the feeling of saturation. Produced in Sweden.
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✔️ Glucomannan contributes to weight loss together with an energy-restricted diet.
✔️ Lowers your appetite so you do not feel as hungry.
✔️ Contains 100% natural fiber – Glucomannan
✔️ 150 capsules

Reduce hunger and succeed with your weight loss

We know personally that feelings of hunger are a big problem when trying to lose weight. Therefore, we wanted to do everything to simplify the lifestyle change.

Our product Hunger Control 2.0 is designed to do exactly what the name says, reduce feelings of hunger so that the risk of overeating or snacking between meals is reduced.

Avoiding walking around and feeling hungry will help you focus on your goals and your training.

The capsules contain Glucomannan, which is naturally fiber-filled and has a remarkable ability to absorb liquids. When you take Hunger Control 2.0 with a large glass of water or a protein shake before a meal, the contents form a viscous liquid that contributes to increased satiety – without the extra calories.

Natural satiety

When you eat food, your our stomach stretches and satiety signals are sent out to the brain. This is done, among other things, by secreting the satiety hormone cholecystokinin, which signals to the brain that you are full.

The fiber complex Hunger Suppressor 2.0 mimics this function by the viscous liquid stretching the stomach so that the satiety hormones are secreted and you feel full, but without any calories.

To see a greater long-term difference, we recommend that you take 6 capsules per day, three times a day for at least 15 days while exercising and eating healthy.

Servings: 150 capsules.

Use: Take 2 capsules three times a day. Take the capsules 1 hour before a meal with 500 ml of water or a protein shake.

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